Clients, partners and testimonials

Our Clients and Partners

We have finished projects successfully with several clients over the past years. Our projects range from code licensing, custom training and education, code customization, case studies, documentation, industrial research or IEC certification calculations. Here is an overview of our current and past clients and partners that we have worked with.


Chava Wind was able to use QBlade successfully for the design load calculations of our 25kW VAWT according to IEC64100-2 standard. We greatly appreciate the support and creativity of the QBlade team in modeling our supervisory turbine controller and the attention to detail in setting up a complete aero-elastic model so that we could proceed quickly with the subsequent tasks of the IEC certification process. The QBlade team was extremely knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to work with and indeed completed the project earlier than anticipated. I would definitely work with them again in our next project!

Hagen Ruff

CEO, Chava Wind, USA

QBlade is a brilliant wind turbine design and analysis tool that logically integrates all of the tools and more we use in the industry. It is useful for anything from teaching to research or solving industrial level challenges. I have used QBlade to accelerate the learnings of students, focusing on the results and create understanding of the whole design process. For my own use, QBlade is a quick and uncomplicated way to explore even complex analysis. In all of the comparative analysis that I have performed over the years, QBlade delivers accurate results.

Carsten Westergaard

CEO, Westergaard Solutions, USA

After a 2-day workshop and the help from the QBlade Team, especially with the modeling of the wind turbines, the software and all its features were getting quite intuitive to use, especially with the simulations in line with the IEC 61400-2, the standard governing the small wind turbines sector. In the end, QBlade allowed us to run complex aeroelastic simulations of our machines and thus, to quantify their aerodynamical and mechanical performance. Once the simulations were fully mastered, it was simple for us to optimize our wind turbines regarding their aerodynamics and structural loads…

Hadrien Symon

R&D Engineer, Fairwind SA, Belgium

QBlade provides a unique view on the blade design process and easy access to its underlying data. The capability of direct experimentation with design parameters and straight forward interaction with the underlying models enables the user to accomplish detailed studies in a fluent flow.

Oliver Eisele

R&D Engineer, Smart Blade, Germany

Several analysis performed using QBlade, helped us with major decisions, such as the number of blades, diameter, and rpm required for our prototypes. Our turbine is quite different than most VAWT so predicting an accurate power curve is not a simple procedure.

Glen Lux

CEO, Lux Wind Power, Canada

The best software I have been using for teaching wind turbine design!

Jens Fortmann

Full Professor, HTW Berlin, Germany

A simulation of the Lillgrund windfram in QBlade, using the Dynamic Wake Meandering Model