Support and Training

Software Support for Commercial Customers

An annual QBlade-EE commercial license includes dedicated software support. The software support involves all kinds of work related to the deployment and operation of QBlade. For each of our existing customers we keep track of the support budget, and send out updated information after a support request has been  handled. Program bugs or errors that are reported do not affect the support budget. Examples for support are:
  • Troubleshooting aerodynamic, structural or hydrodynamic model setup
  • Design load case setup and automation (command line interface)
  • Running simulations, optimizing numerical performance
  • Distributed evaluation and SIL interface
  • Coupling of controller libraries
If you have an active QBlade-EE license and require support please contact us at: , and we will get back to you ASAP. If you need additional support packages, beyond the initially granted support package, dont hesitate to get in touch at: . Besides the on-demand support the QBlade Forum is a great place to find helpful support information.

QBlade Training Workshops

A 3-day private online workshop for up to 3 users (3 days / 4h per day) is included with every annual license of QBlade-EE. The private workshops will be scheduled to your convenience. The highly interactive workshop is carried out by one of our specialists and covers the following topics:
  • QBlade User Interface
  • Airfoils and Polars
  • Blade Design
  • Steady BEM Simulations
  • Aerodynamic Turbine Definition
  • Aerodynamic Simulations
  • Turbulent Wind / IEC Wind Model
  • Structural Turbine Definition
  • Aero-Servo-Elastic Simulations
  • Wave Generation
  • DLC Preprocessor
  • Command Line Interface
  • SIL Interface
For the future we are also planning to host public workshops that are open to all. These courses will be regularly scheduled, depending on the general demand. More information will be given here in the future. Should you require a private workshop for a larger audience, or with focus on a special topic, dont hesitate to get in touch at: .
this image shows a QBlade training workshop that was carried out within the FLOATECH project

A simulation of the Lillgrund windfram in QBlade, using the Dynamic Wake Meandering Model