Services Overview

Our team hosts several disciplines and skills to support you during your projects. In general we can assist you in the following areas.

Software Licensing

Contact us if you are interested in obtaining a commercial license of QBlade-EE. Software licenses are issues through node-locked or floating license files. Different annual substriptions are avaliable for SME’s and industry leaders. Find out more on the Interested in securing a commercial license for QBlade-EE? Our software licenses come in the form of node-locked or floating license files. We offer various licensing subspriptions tailored for both SMEs and larger corporations. For more details, head over to the Commercial Software Licenses page. 

Support and Training

With every QBlade-EE license, you gain access to dedicated, on-demand software support and training packages. Additionally, we provide the option for custom online training courses, spanning 2-4 days, perfectly crafted for your team’s needs. Find out more on the Support and Training page.

Code Customization

You require a specialized feature to accommodate your unique turbine design? You want to seamlessly integrate QBlade-EE into your intricate workflow? Our expert development team is at your service, ready to adapt any aspect of the code to meet your specific requirements. Discover more on Consulting page.

Model Setup

Let us guide you through the setup of a sophisticated, validated hydro-servo elastic digital-twin of your turbine design. This can be based on either your technical documentation or an existing model in a different code, such as FAST, Bladed, DeepLines, or OrcaFlex. More information can be found on the Consulting page.

Controller Tuning and Generation

In need of assistance in generating a controller library for aeroelastic simulations? We can convert existing controllers into 64-bit dll libraries, create a new controller from scratch for aero-servo-elastic simulations, or optimize an already existing controller to suit your needs. Check out the Consulting page.

A simulation of the Lillgrund windfram in QBlade, using the Dynamic Wake Meandering Model