OC7 Phase Ia Setup available

The full setup of the IEA Wind TCP Task 56 (OC7) Phase Ia cases are now available to download on QBlade.org.

These simulations focus on experimental validation of low (difference) frequency viscous loads on FOWT platform designs and developing tuning practices for Morison coefficients. The setup utilizes QBlade’s new NBODY>1 feature to model hydrodynamic interactions of multiple floating bodies.

Find the model files here: https://qblade.org/downloads/#Test_Data

Details of the experimental campaign are published in “A. Robertson, L. Wang: OC6 Phase Ib: Floating Wind Component Experiment for Difference-Frequency Hydrodynamic Load Validation, Energies, 2021”, available here: https://www.mdpi.com/1996-1073/14/19/6417

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