The new IAG Dynamic Stall model now available in QBlade

The IAG dynamic stall model accurately predicts more pronounced deep stall hysteresis loops when compared with Beddoes-Leishman based models. In his recent publication on the model development, Galih Bangga shows that this is in better agreement with experimental data:

📖 Bangga, G.; Parkinson, S.; Collier, W. Development and Validation of the IAG Dynamic Stall Model in State-Space Representation for Wind Turbine Airfoils. Energies 2023, 16, 3994.

📥To further showcase the capabilities of the IAG Dynamic Stall Model, we have recreated some of the OSU S-809 test using the original airfoil data (as seen in the image). Visit our webpage to download the project file:

⚡️Try out the IAG model for yourself, available from QBlade v2.0.6 !⚡️