Try out the Wavefield Generator

Wave Generator

Are you an offshore wind turbine engineer looking for an efficient way to test your designs against varying wave conditions?

Did you know that QBlade features a built-in stand-alone wave generator? With just a few clicks, you can generate uni- or multi-directional waves for common spectra such as JONSWAP, ISSC, Torsethaugen, or Ochi-Hubble. Plus, you can even import your own spectra or decompose your own wave time series into its frequency content to reproduce experiments.

Wave spectra can be discretized using two methods – the equal frequency or equal energy method. And with our intuitive graphs, you can easily scan through the wavefield and find a design wave that perfectly matches your structure’s needs.

When you’re ready to apply any generated wave, you can export it as a timeseries, store its wave components, or directly use it within an offshore wind turbine simulation in QBlade.

Experience the power and ease of QBlade’s built-in wave generator for yourself. The free download is available here:

The Documentation is found here: