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Airfoil design functions in v2

Hi, I was trying the new Qblade v2, and found that some airfoil design/geometry function are missing compared to previous version. Is it me not finding them? Also running the polars is much slower than before, should that be expected?

Hi Rob,

you are correct. Some of the features that were avaliable previously are not available in v2. These features, mostly associated with inverse design and airfoil generation through splines, were part of the GPL licensed XFLR code that was integrated with previous versions of QBlade. This code has been removed due to incompatibility with the APL license. Also, XFoil is now not integrated with the source code but coupled with as an external binary.

I am wondering however why you experience polars running much slower than before. The exact opposite is true from my experience. Polar calculation should be much faster now as the evaluation over the AoA range is fully multi-threaded now. On my computer at least I get a significant speedup (with 12 cores) compared to the older versions. Maybe you are running on a single core VM or similar?



Ok, thanks for the reply!

For running polars, my machine got 12 cores, but the process seems to take very little cpu so maybe the issue is coming from my machine.