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Airfoil generation through splines


airfoil generation through splines (that was removed from V2) was very very very useful. Please revert it somehow, different code? Maybe with possibility of storing airfoil also as an editable spline not only a series of points? Density of points generated on the fly?

+ Nicer Dark Mode – not black&white, more like dark grey …


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Hi Bartosz,

at present we dont have the current plan to include such functionality with QBlade-CE. Integrating splines and airfoil inverse design /modification features into the GUI is quite an intensive task for which we are lacking the time at the moment, and we cant use the legacy code from previous QBlade releases since its published under the GPL. A simple workaround would be to simply use XFLR or an old QBlade release to generate custom airfoil shapes and then import those into QBlade-CE.

Regarding the dark mode: you can already fully customize your background and text colors in the appearance dialog and these settings will be saved across QBlade sessions.