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Airfoil right click option to close trailing edge

To create a closed trailing edge for exporting to CAD software there are two options.

A: Modify the airfoil to have a knife edge trailing edge using the existing TE modification tool.  A knife edge trailing edge is not manufacturing friendly.

B: Hand edit the airfoil coordinates to add a tiny segment connecting the existing first and last point of the airfoil section.  For many airfoil sections, this is tedious, time consuming, and highly automatable.

A right click option to automate the hand editing process would be much appreciated.  That hand editing process currently is to insert a new point immediately before the current endpoint of the airfoil; change the new point coordinates to .99999, Y of last point; change the current endpoint coordinates to 1.0, Y of first point.

Even better would be an option to “convert blade for manufacture”, where an optimized blade defined using standard airfoils with open trailing edges could have the entire trailing edge zipped closed with one mouse click.

Hi Todd,

refering to my previous reply on your similar question – during export of the blade geometry the TE should automatically be closed and I hope that this will work for your geometry once the new release is out!



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