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Allow minor version differences in project file reading process

At present, the latest QBladeCE on Windows is while that on Linux is So, on Linux OS, we cannot read the project file save on Windows. Also, the previous version (QBladeCE on Win cannot read the present file which is already saved by

I think, it is better to allow minor version differences in the project reading process.


Dear Hiromichi,

QBlade is committed to maintaining full ‘backwards compatibility,’ ensuring that older project files can always be opened with newer versions of the software.

Implementing ‘upwards compatibility,’ on the other hand, would necessitate extensive changes to the structure of project files and is not currently planned for implementation.

Generally, using the latest version of QBlade will always allow you to open all previously saved project files. However, as you rightly pointed out, this does require the newest release to be available on all platforms. We are actively working on updating the Linux distribution and the Windows version to ensure this compatibility and will publish a new release soon.



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