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Applying dynamic load or displacement on a node

I want to apply dynamic load/displacement on the ground anchor or a specific node for a spar wind turbine project. Any ideas on how to make it happen?


to apply a prescribed loading to some node you can use “External Loading Files”. Alternatively you can prescribe a displacement to the ground using a “Prescribed Motion File”. It is also possible to prescribe the motion of the floater itself through the “Prescribed Motion File” when setting the keyword “CONSTRAINEDFLOATER” to true within the substructure file.

Check out this part of the documentation:

Another possibility is to prescribe a harmonic ground motion directly through the “Actuator Control” panel in the turbine simulation dock. To activate this panel go to: “Turbine Simulation -> Dock Options -> Show Actuator Control Options in Dock”



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Hi David,

One question, where is the application point of the prescribed motion?




Hi Federico,

for a bottom fixed turbine the motion is prescribed at the ground constraint (typically connected to the tower bottom).

For a floating turbine the motion of the floater neutral point (NP) ist prescribed.