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Char BEM Crash

Just had an Crash when Running the Char BEM for a small Rotor (HTW-Laborotory Rotor Model. Diameter 0,4m; 50k Reynolds FX63 Airfoil)
Fixed the Rotational Speed at 1600 rpm.
Wind Speed Range was 1-30  m/s   delta 1 m/s
Pitch -5-25° delta 5°

Just wanted to let you know that there may be some stability issues, save the Project regularily 😉
Greetings from the HTW

Hi Johannes,

thanks for the report! I am aware that the CharBEM could have some issues/crashes that are due to the parallelization of the method (and independent of the rotor geometry, or other parameters) – however I think that they should have been fixed by now – at least when I test this method on my side. Therefore, could you let me know which version of QBlade-CE exactly you were using when this crash occured? Also, if it is occuring in the latest version – is it reproducible?