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Char BEM Crash

Just had an Crash when Running the Char BEM for a small Rotor (HTW-Laborotory Rotor Model. Diameter 0,4m; 50k Reynolds FX63 Airfoil)
Fixed the Rotational Speed at 1600 rpm.
Wind Speed Range was 1-30  m/s   delta 1 m/s
Pitch -5-25° delta 5°

Just wanted to let you know that there may be some stability issues, save the Project regularily 😉
Greetings from the HTW

Hi Johannes,

thanks for the report! I am aware that the CharBEM could have some issues/crashes that are due to the parallelization of the method (and independent of the rotor geometry, or other parameters) – however I think that they should have been fixed by now – at least when I test this method on my side. Therefore, could you let me know which version of QBlade-CE exactly you were using when this crash occured? Also, if it is occuring in the latest version – is it reproducible?



I’ve got the problem in Rotor BEM. I’ve got 5.9 m blades for a small wind turbine. I define the simulation (only change wind speed) and set TSR to 1 to 12 and delta to 0.5 or 1. The software closes as soon as I click start.

Happens on my PC and my laptop. Both are strong ehough to run it.

I’m getting nervous because the biggest part of my master thesis is developing a blade for our turbine. Right now I can do nothing.

Running QBLade CE and the crash happens every time. Will try and get on one of out HTW PC and try it there. Other than that I’m lost.

Hi Kevin,

as this crash occurs on two independent machines I would suspect this to be some issue with your blade design/definition.

Could you attach a .qpr project file to this thread so that I can check it out?

Just leave the single rotor in the project that causing te issues and briefly explain the steps leading to the crash.