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Hi David,

It is possible to convert OpenFAST input file’s to suitable version on QBlade?




Hello WT,

we utilize in-house scripts to seamlessly convert OpenFAST aerodynamic rotor definitions into QBlade models, with some of these scripts already integrated into QB-EE.

The process of converting OpenFAST models is generally straightforward, involving the collection of necessary data from each of the model files. For instance the logic of the substructure files is very close in between QBlade and OpenFAST.

Looking ahead, we are on track to implement functionality that will allow for the generation of QBlade models directly from WindIO datasets. WindIO is a tool-independent framework designed to describe complete wind turbine models using a YAML-schema. Its purpose is to ensure consistent turbine model definitions across various codes such as OpenFAST, Bladed, HAWC2, QBlade, and more. Many of  the reference wind turbine designs developed in IEA Wind Task 37 already provide a WindIO description.