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Cp Vs Tsr HAWT shows the same Graph with different wind speed

Hello everyone!

I’m still a new user of Qblade. I’m trying to simulate HAWT turbine performance, When I run Rotor BEM Simulation, Cp Vs TSR Graph always show the same results for various wind speed. Is it correct results? or I made some mistakes? if I made mistake please tell me what should I do in order to make it correct simulation.
I hope my question is clear.

Thank you so much!

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In BEM (Blade Element Momentum) simulations, both the power coefficient (CP) and the tip speed ratio (TSR) are normalized with the windspeed, which means their values remain constant regardless of changes in wind speed. However, the windspeed variations do have an impact on the Reynolds number experienced by the blades. As a result, when using blade definitions covering a range of Reynolds numbers, you will observe the influence of Reynolds number variations when changing the windspeed in BEM simulations.