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Curtailment of NREL 5MW Turbine

Good day,

I Am investing the possibilities of erosion safe strategy analysis and was wondering if there was an efficient way of curtailing the rated power to 4MW and 3MW to investigate the behaviour of parameters such as thrust, torque, rpm and blade pitch.


All help is appreciated 🙂


curtailment of the turbine should be handled by the turbine controller that implements a “curtailment startegy” (see this publication by Meng et al.).

I am not sure if one of the controllers that comes with QBlade (TUB, DTU or ROSCO) has implemented a curtailment feature, but a simple way to mimic curtailment is to simply set the rated power value of the turbine to the curtailed power value. In this way the turbine will start pitching the blades as soon as the “curtailed” power is reached.

However, it might not be very realistic or representative to “simulate” curtailment this way.



Hi David,

Noted, thank you for the reply and help. When you say “set the rated power value of the turbine to the curtailed power value”, does this mean within the controller parameters in the turbine definition window where it says rated power? I have done that and the turbine simulations seem to reflect this change in terms of aero.power and blade pitch and other parameters. Just wanted to check if this was the setting you referred to 🙂


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Hi Mervyn,

yes, exactly. That was the parameter I meant.

But again, in reality curtailment would be implemented with a bit more sophistication, related to thrust minimization.

The paper I linked talks a bit about such a curtailment strategy.



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Hi David,

Understood, thank you for your clarification and for the article you shared.

Kind regards, Mervyn