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Data Export

Dear Dr. David


I would like to ask whether the calculation result can be exported into a format similar to Excel by using LLFVW method, that is, a certain value changes with time step and is distributed according to columns.

In addition to the parameters in the image given in the calculation, can the commonly used parameters such as power, thrust and torque be calculated and derived? I also want to obtain the circulation distribution on the blade. Is this feasible?

I chose to export the data as ASCII code. There are two files. Is it true that the parameters in .sel correspond to each column in .dat?


Best regards,

Yinong Tian

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you can also export to a simple .txt format, by choosing “Text Format (*.txt)” in the Export Data Dialog. This data can directly be loaded into Excel.

The blade circulation distribution is already avaliable in the “Blade Graph”.

Regarding the format of the *.dat and *.sel files you can check out the HAWC2 documentation; under “File Format of HAWC2_ASCII Files” and “File Format of HAWC2_BINARY Files” you find the full definition of these export formats.