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Defining the distributed Rayleigh beta coefficient

Hi —

I’m attempting to define a distributed Rayleigh damping coefficient for each section of the blade structural definition file. Defining the global beta works well but QBlade has trouble interpreting the addition of a 19th column to the sectional properties table.

Does anyone know what the keyword/column header should be, or if there are other considerations when using this functionality?

I tried the keywords “RAYLEIGHDMP” and “RAYLEIGHDMP__[-]” but neither seemed to work (error message from SIL is “RAYLEIGHDMP could not be converted”).




Hi Alex,

the header column of the blade data table is completely ignored, so you can remove it if you like.

However, avoid repeating a keyword anywhere in the file unless it is used to set the keyword parameter itself. Using “RAYLEIGHDMP” and “RAYLEIGHDMP__[-]” in the header, for instance, causes issues because the file parser in QBlade tries to interpret it and fails.

Try using a different name in the header, such as “DAMP”.

Even if you are using the 19th column in the data table, QBlade still requires that you set the parameter RAYLEIGHDMP. When using the 19th column, the beta coefficient will simply be ignored.

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