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Definition for loads

Could you please advise me definision of the loads for the sample project SANDIA 34m?

Such as X_s For. TRQ Const. [N], X_s Mom. TRQ Const. [Nm], X_l For. BLD_1 – TRQ z=8.0m [N]….

I would like to understand which location, which direction of the each load is shown.

In addition, please advise me which file can define these sensors.

Best regards,


Hi Kensaku,

the coordinate systems are described in the documentation (LINK).

X_s designates the shaft coordinate system, TRQ Const. is the torquetube constraint.

X_l For. BLD_1 – TRQ designates the local coordinate Bade coordinate system, at the connection between blade and torquetube.

Some of the sensors are auto-generated. Additional sensors can be distributed as described in the documentation here (LINK).