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DTU 10 MW RWT Tower effect

I’m working on a project involving the use of Qblade and the DTU 10 MW RWT. I was running some simulations but I could not understand if the tower effect was considered in them.

Looking in the option of the wind turbine model (Turbine Definition – Turbine Controls – Edit/Copy – Aerodynamic Model) the tower effect seemed to be disabled.

I tried to activate it but I didn’t notice any changes in the simulation results. Should I assume that no tower effect is included in this RWT model?

Alessandro Bassalti

Hi Alessandro,

when using the tower effect model for a turbine definition that includes a structural model the tower drag coefficient is defined in the 20th column of the structural properties table, see here. This also allows for the tower drag coefficient to change over the tower height. If this value is not set in the table, then the tower drag defaults to zero. I have added some additional info to the documentation to clarify this.