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Export as ASCII file

Hello David

I use the SIL Interface to write (a substantial amount of) .qpr files. I want .txt files for post-processing, so until now I have used the ‘Export Current TurbineSimulation Results as ASCII’ in the QBlade GUI.

The problem I am facing is that now that I am working with a lot of large files, it takes a lot of time to open them with the QBlade GUI and export them as ASCII. Is there a way to export to this file format directly in the Python code?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jelle,

the main purpose of the SIL interface is to provide full control of the simulation loopand to allow for couplings with other tools.

For batch processing, QBlade-EE includes the CLI interface, which can evaluate a large number of jobs efficiently and supports batch export of the results.

To export data from the SIL interfaceyou can use the following functions

  • double getCustomData_at_num(char *str, double pos, int num);
  • double getCustomSimulationData(char *str);

These functions allow you to request simulation data, which you can call multiple times as needed. You can then aggregate and store this data in a custom format. Exporting this data to a file using Python or MATLAB is straightforward.