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Forum and Community Rules

Welcome to the brand new forum!

To keep this forum organized here are a few things to keep in mind before posting:

  • Please read the QBlade documentation carefully before posting. We expect you to try to solve problems yourself before posting here.
  • Use the forum search feature, maybe your question has already been answered? Maybe you can add your question in a thread thats already related to your topic of interest?
  • Please open a new thread in the relevant category (Airfoil Aerodynamic, Rotor Aerodynamics, Bug and Errors, etc..), or it will be moved.
  • No double posting
  • No advertising
  • No trolling

Even though QBlade has an easy to use graphical interface it is by no means a simple tool – it takes some time and understanding to master all the different modules and their functionality and the underlying theory and we expect everybody posting here to be familiar with the wind energy basics. This forum’s intention is to answer specific questions that are related to the QBlade software – but not to educate about the wind energy basics. A question such as: “How do I design a rotor blade?” is something that you can answer yourself by reading the relevant literature and our documentation, and we will moderate these threads.

Everybody is encouraged to not only post, but also help answering the questions that pop up here. Also, it would be very nice if you could briefly state the context in which you are using QBlade and also your affiliation to let us know who our users are.

This forum replaces the ‘old’ forum on sourceforge which is now discontinued, but can still be found here:


Thanks for reading, and happy discussions!




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