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Help a newbie please


I am interested in learning how to generate  and optimise wind turbines. I have built a Tim Piggot  HAWT, and want to build bigger and better next time but have little understanding of the principles behind it.  I have tried to use QBlade on linux but cannot get past just opening up the program. I have 2 questions;

  1. Are there any really simple video tutorials just showing how to generate a turbine for a specific size, tip speed, and utput.
  2. Ubuntu 20.04 tells me that it is Unable to locate package libquadmath. Do I need this in order to run QBlade properly?




Hi Aaron,

to run on linux follow the info shown in the text file run_qblade_info.txt. See below:

  1. install some libraries that are required to run qblade
    sudo apt-get update -y
    sudo apt-get install -y libqt5opengl5 libqt5xml5 libquadmath0 libglu1-mesa
  2. start qblade by executing the shell script “./”

We have not yet created any official video tutorials yet, but if you search the web you will find some tutorials of varying quality that cover the basics.