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How to set the appropriate value of hydro stiffness


Now, I try to make a spar of floating VAWT model.
When we make a spar in QBlade, we should have to set the value of hydro stiffness.
However, I couldn’t understand how to calculate the value of it although I read QBlade documentation.
Could you give me your advice on how to determine the value of hydro stiffness.


Hi Koma,

you dont necessarily need to model the hydrodynamic restoring force/moment with the “linear hydrodynamic stiffness” approach but you could use the “explicit buoyancy” option. A linear hydrodynamic stiffnes matrix is commonly obtained from a linear potential flow solver such as WAMIT, NEMOH or ANSYS AQWA.

See the following section in the docs for an overview of the different modeling options for a substructure in QBlade:




Thank you, David.  Your explanation really helped.  Now I understand about the setting of the hydrodynamic restoring force/moment better.

Best Regards,