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IEA 15MW VolturnUS-S model now available for QBlade

This model is an aero-servo-hydro-elastic definition of the IEA 15MW turbine with integrated ROSCO controller installed on the VolturnUS-S semi-submersible floating platform.

Hydrodynamic forces for the substructure are evaluated by combining linear potential flow data for radiation, diffraction, and second-order sum and difference frequency forces, along with Morison-based drag forces.

As always you find the IEA15MW VolturnUS-S model for QBlade in the download section:

The model has been setup according to the following IEA Wind TCP Task 37 reports:

E. Gaertner et al: “Definition of the IEA Wind 15-Megawatt Offshore Reference Wind Turbine“”

C. Allen et al.: “Definition of the UMaine VolturnUS-S Reference Platform Developed for the IEA Wind 15-Megawatt Offshore Reference Wind Turbine

A simulation of the Lillgrund windfram in QBlade, using the Dynamic Wake Meandering Model