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Import *.dxf foil drawings into airfoil design module directly

It would be really nice to be able to import *.dxf foil geometry directly into the airfoil design module.  It is very difficult to get accurate x,y data into QBlade for custom foils.  Thanks, Oran

Hello Oran,

I am not familir with the *.dxf format and also never came across it. What do you find particularly difficult when importing airfoil geometries? When I last checked I was able to import any foil geometry from popular databases, such as this with ease and did not have to adapt the formats.



Hi David,

*.dxf files are a generic graphical export file that comes out of drawing software like autocad or solidworks.  It is challenging to get coordinates from a custom foil shape drawn in one of those formats into QBlade.  There are third party software packages that do coordinate conversions, but so far I have not had great success getting the one I purchased to work.  I am planning on purchasing this software to try next:

Thanks, Oran

Hi Oran,

you can also check out this database All 6000+ foils there can easily be imported into QBlade, based on x-y coordinates. For now adding the *.dxf files has no priority for us, also considering that this format is rather complicated to interpret – opposed to the straight foward import of x-y coordinates.