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Integrated hydrodynamic module

Hey there,



The hydrodynamic loads on the wind turbine’s substructure are calculated either via the potential flow theory, the Morison equation based strip theory or a user defined combination of the two. The integrated potential flow approach also includes the higher order slow drift forces obtained from quadratic transfer functions. QBlade integrates with potential flow data from common software such as the WAMIT, NEMOH or similar toolboxes.


1. Does QBlade have an integrated potential BEM module?

2. If so how do I view it and model a hull in it?

2. How do I import a WAMIT or NEMOH output file?


Hello Rajith,

QBlade doesnt include a potential flow BEM solver but can import the files that are generated by such solvers – such as WAMIT or NEMOH.

Potential flow modeling is handled in the “substructure” input file of QBlade, which defines the floating, or bottom fixed, turbine substructure in an offshore simulation. The substructure file and all keywords related to the import of potential flow data are explained in the “Users Guide” of the QBlade documentation, see here:



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