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New monopile model and code updates!

Hi all,

we have just release a new model for the NREL 5MW turbine on an offshore monopile foundation. Whats special about this model is that it demonstrates how nonlinear force-displacement (p-y curves) can be defined in the substructure definition, to model complex soil properties below the ground or mudline. Using the substructure definition with nonlinear springs is also a way to model such complex soil behavior for onshore wind turbines!

We have also incremented QBlade’s version to alpha and will soon be out of the alpha release phase and entering the beta phase. Some major problems that some of you experienced, associated with the Xfoil integration, could hopefully be fixed. Thanks to everybody for providing info on bugs and crashes – this is really helpful for us, since quite often nasty bugs only appear on certain hardware, software or combinations of both and are invisible to us until you report them…

Have a good day!


A simulation of the Lillgrund windfram in QBlade, using the Dynamic Wake Meandering Model