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New release includes Simulation in Loop Interface!

Today we announce the public release of the brand-new Simulation in Loop (SIL) interface for QBlade, which is included with the release.

With this interface, you can now run advanced wind turbine simulations within the coding environment of your choice, including Python, Matlab, or any other framework.

This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for wind turbine researchers, designers and engineers by providing an easy way of controlling the complete wind turbine setup and simulation loop through any external coding framework.

Possible applications of this interface are: turbine optimization, system identification, controller development, machine learning, digital twin development and co-simulation with other simulation frameworks.

With the release of the SIL interface we also include easy-to-use Python templates, which enables you to get started quickly by importing the QBlade interface into Python through only a single line of code.

More info in the SIL can be found in our documentation.