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No Aerodynamic Visualization Version

I have been trying for hours to visualize the airflow on the airfoil I generated. I have not been able to visualize anything but the vertical sample. All of the horizontal sample do not show anything in the simulation of the airflow. I can see that they are turned on, and I have tried to toggle them back and forth just to make sure. Please let me know what I should try, thank you for your help in advance.

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Hello Ethan,

from you description and the attached screenshot I assume that by “airflow” you are referring to the visualization of the vortex elements.

The turbine that you are simulating uses the “Unsteady BEM” model as wake type. If you change the wake type to “Free Vortex”, the wake is modeled with vortex elements that can be visualized. You can change the setting within the turbine definition, accessible from the “Turbine Definition” module.



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Yes, that is what I was looking for. Thank you for your help. I appreciate your quick response.

A simulation of the Lillgrund windfram in QBlade, using the Dynamic Wake Meandering Model