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NREL 5MW OC4 Semisub Model

Hi all,

we just made our NREL 5MW OC4 Semisubmersible model avaliable, which was created and validated based on the definition by NREL. This is a thoroughly validated aero-servo-hydro-elastic model of the NREL 5MW turbine installed on the DeepCwind semi-submersible floating platform. Results of the model validation can be found here, at paragraph “3.6.2 OC4 LPMD Model”.

This model is our first template for which the hydrodynamics are modeled with linear potential flow data in combination with morison drag. Optionally second order hydrodynamic sum- and difference frequency forces can be activated in the model by setting the keywords USE_SUM_FREQS and USE_DIFF_FREQS to true.

You can find the new model in the downloads section.



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