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NREL 5MW Turbine Simulations

Hi there,

I am new to Qblade, using it for conducting analysis on turbulence and ground roughness effects on power production. Currently I am using the NREL 5MW reference turbine from the QBlade site but am quite puzzled with the results. At a uniform wind speed of 15m/s my turbine is apparently producing 10MW of power, which doesn’t seem to be quite right. Is there initial reasons to why this is happening or anything that I could possibly be doing wrong? Do let me know what information is required to make the situation clearer 🙂

Thank you!


the 5MW rotor can indeed produce > 10MW of power when the blades are not pitched to reduce the power output above rated windspeed (~11.4m/s). See the diagram below:

Above rated windspeed the potentially available power (at max. Cp) in the wind starts to exceed the maximum power that the generator is designed for. Also, the structural loads (especially due to rotor thrust) quickly grow very large when the power is not regulated.