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NREL 750kW controller

Hi everyone,

I’m working on the NREL 750kW turbine. I implemented every features, but I’m facing problems creating an adequate controller for it since I’m not a controller expert.

I found a pitch controller (.ipt file), but QBlade doesn’t allow me to use.

Is there any chance to use the .ipt file? Otherwise is there anyone who can help me choose the most suitable controller? Maybe there is already a controller for 750kW turbine.

Thank you,


Hi ander,

QBlade supports popular controller interfaces like Bladed and DTU, which are implemented as DLL files.

These controllers use parameter files to “tune” them to a given turbine size and design (the controller DLL file is the same for different turbine sizes). The ROSCO (Bladed style) and the BasicDTUController (DTU style) libraries are already included in the QBlade archive.

You can use one of those libraries as a starting point and tune the required parameter file to fit for your turbine design. More info on how to include controller libraries into a simulation is found in the documentation.