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platform and mooring system

Hello, Sir!
I am a Phd student at dtu. Qblade is a very well tool to calculate the fowt! But i have two issues that need your help.
(1) When i use the OC4 example to run, i found the output results about the platform motions are zero. Could you please give me some suggestions about the parameters set about the wave and mooring system? I want to study the mooring line responses. Because the Qblade GUI is very beautiful compared with other tools, haha.
(2) When i compile the open source code (win, i found that i do not have the file of qblade.qrc, i used the Qt 5.15.1 with MinGW 8.1.0 64bit. how could i solve this problem?
Thank you very much! I am looking forward to your reply! 

Hello Wang,

regarding your questions:

  1. I think you are looking at the “Platform Translation/Rotation” channels in the aerodynamic time graphs. These variable names are a bit misleading as they only show prescribed motion of the turbine due to external input files. If you want to investigate the floater dynamics you should check out the variables in the “Hydrodynamic Time Graph”. The variables you are looking for are: “NP Trans.” and “NP Rot.” NP stands for the “neutral point” of the platform.
  2. You are correct. The source code was not compiling due to the missing .qrc file. I have updated the .zip archive in the downloads section. I confirmed by running a quick test and it compiles now without issues.




Where to find the “Hydrodynamic Time Graph”. I didn’t find it in the graph setting.

I want to plot the platform motion. I am using the latest release of Qblade



Hi Harishameed,

you an access the “Hydrodynamic Time Graph” from the graph context menu within the Simulation Module, see the image attached.



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