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Power coefficient of multi turbine


I have a question about multiple turbine simulation.

Now, I try to run a simulation with six turbines in a row parallel to the wind. And I’d like to see the effect on the power coefficient that the backward wind turbine is subjected to by the forward wind turbine. Each of the six wind turbines is located within the wake area of the forward wind turbine.

Normally, we would expect the power coefficient of the rearmost wind turbine to show the smallest value. However, the simulation results showed that the power coefficient of the second wind turbine from the front was the lowest, and the power coefficients of the third and subsequent wind turbines were higher than the power coefficient of the second turbine.

So my question is, when 3 or more wind turbines are installed in a row against the wind, can’t the power coefficient calculations for the third and subsequent wind turbines be performed taking into account the effects of all the turbines in front of it?

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Hello Koma,

in the scenario that you describe it could also be the case that due to wake recovery effects a turbine further downstream has a higher power coefficient, compared with an upstream turbine.

Also, parameters from the computational setup, such as wake discretization/length do also play a role here. I would check through velocity cut-planes as to which extend the wake of the first turbine is developing with your current settings.