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Power deviation calculated at rated operating conditions

Hi David

I tried to use the free vortex wake method to calculate the example of 5MW wind turbine. The wind speed was set at 11.4m/s, the speed at 12.1rpm, and the obtained aerodynamic power was stable at 6.46MW, aerodynamic torque at 5100190Nm, and aerodynamic thrust at 801944N.

As far as I know, the rated wind speed and rotor speed of 5MW wind turbine are 11.4 and 12.1, but the calculation result is not 5MW?  I didn’t turn on the controller.

But I don’t want to think about the structure, I just want to think about the steady and rated case to calculate the wake field, so how do I do that?



Hi Roby,

the 5MW rated power output also takes into account some generator and drivetrain losses. So the aerodynamic power is slightly larger.

Also, it seems like your simulations have not fully converged yet (maybe you need a longer wake length) as the aerodynamic power should be <6MW.