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QBlade crashes in multi turbine simulation


I have a question about multi turbine simulation in the enterprise edition of QBlade.

Now, I try to run a simulation with two turbines, and I’d like to save the video of simulation.
Then I turn on store replay during simulation.
However, if I start the simulation with store replay turned on, QBlade crashes during simulation.
As a side note, the simulation with store replay turned off went well.

Then, I have a question about that. If there are any reasons that QBlade crashes in multi turbine simulation, I’d like to know about that.

Best Regards,

Dear Koma,

when you save the “replay” of a project in QBlade, it captures a snapshot of all elements of the simulation at every time-step. This includes all wake elements, the positions of structural nodes, and all other sensor data.

The amount of data generated depends on several factors, such as the length of the simulation and the level of structural and aerodynamic detail and can be quite significant. It’s important to note that this data is stored in the system’s RAM (Random Access Memory).

If the simulation is extensive or highly detailed, the RAM usage may reach its capacity and QBlade will exhibit unpredictable behavior, ultimately leading to a crash.

To troubleshoot your issue, I recommend monitoring the RAM usage while QBlade is running. This will help you determine if excessive RAM consumption is causing the crashes in your specific case.



Dear David

Thank you for answering to my question. I’ll check the RAM during simulation.

Best Regards,

Dear David

I’m sorry. I have one more question about multi turbine simulation.

Now, I try to run simulations with three or more turbines, and the simulations finish without any problems. Then I save the file.
However, if I try to open the file which I saved,  QBlade is getting to the loading screen and crashes.
Could you tell me why  it happens.

Best Regard,

Hello Koma,

this sounds like a bug. Could you let me know which version you are running and also send me a simulation where I can reproduce this error?

If you export the simulation of the 3-rotor turbine as a *.sim file and send me the zipped archive containing the data I can run it locally, reproduce the crash and fix the error.

Thanks and BR,