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QBlade's SIL Interface with Matlab: An Interactive Tutorial

Hi all!

Our friends at TU Delft, Livia Brandetti and Daniel van den Berg, have created a comprehensive tutorial on using QBlade within Matlab for advanced wind turbine research. Livia and Daniel’s research focus is on the development of active wake mixing controllers for floating offshore wind turbines and pitch controllers for vertical axis wind turbines.

This comprehensive tutorial covers a range of topics related to using QBlade within Matlab for advanced wind turbine research. These topics include accessing the QBlade interface from within Matlab, integrating custom controllers within the simulation loop, and setting up a simulation of two wind turbines with wake interaction.

The tutorial provides five practical examples, each containing all necessary Matlab files, turbine definitions, and controller libraries. These examples are easily modifiable and can be launched from their respective folder. It is worth noting that all examples, except for the multi-turbine simulation, can be executed using the public version of QBladeCE.

Check out the tutorial here: