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Ring Shaped Turbine

Hello, Developers.

Me and my team are finishing our mechanical engeneering degree and our final essay is the creation of a hydro turbine that uses a new geometry for the blades (example in the image atached).

Our questions are:

  1. Is there a known way to create this type of blade geometry inside the “Blade Design” function?
  2. If not, I was reading a post on this forum about structural files and import of polar ( I was wondering if it is not possible to create this blade design based on the “cylindrical elements” (that i assumed is polar coordinates, am I rigth?), so i would create the design in matlab or in a 3d modeling software that woud return a file with the polar coordinates for the turbine geometry and import this to Qblade for the simulations, is this viable?

Best regards!

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Hi Nickolas,

such a blade design unfortunately can be simulated in QBlade. While the lifting line method in theory would allow such a geometry to be simulated (BEM algorithms wouldnt easily work on such a design) the blade designer in QBlade cant generate geometries that form a loop (for various reasons and assumptions).

The cylindrical elements in a substructure definition serve a different purpose and also cannot be used to generate a rotor or blade geometry.

Probably the most straightfoward way to simulate such a geometry is to use a finite volume CFD software.



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