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The output of the wake

Dear all,

I want to know whether there are channels to output wake results, such as Y-Z wake plane velocity distributed along the X-axis, vorticity distribution, shedding vorticity, trailing vorticity and other similar parameters.



wake velocity data can be exported via “velocity cut planes”.

At first you need to activate the option in the dock – then you can create and export velocity cut planes for a completed simulation.

If you store the replay of a simulation you can export cut planes at each stored timestep. Cut planes can be exported to .txt files or .vtu files that can directly be inspected with Paraview.



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Thank you for your answer, this feature is really great, give you a thumbs up.

Dear David,

Hello, may I ask:

I divided the blade into 18 panels. Through calculation, I obtained the bound vorticity of 0 to 17 panels on the blade 1.

Through the simulation image, I found two trailing vortex lines pulled out from the blade tip. I would like to ask whether the bound vortexes in section 17 are located in the blue or yellow position of the image I drew.

In addition, I would like to know how these two trailing vortex lines are calculated through the bound vortexes. Is it the attachment vortex of panel 17 minus panel 16 that gives the trailing vortex between them? What is the trailing vortex at the blade tip?

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I think I dont really understand your question, but please have a look at our documentation: to clarify this.



Hi David,

Through calculation, I find that the longer the simulation time is, the longer the distance of wake along x will be, but it will be truncated at a certain distance.

I want to get the wake field of 10 times the rotor diameter through simulation, and get the Y-Z plane at each time the impeller diameter. How to set it?