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Tower Top Deflection

Hello everyone,

I am completely new to QBlade and am currently comparing the software to OpenFAST.

For this I would like to take a closer look at the movement of the tower top, however I don’t know exactly which output variable this is. From the names of the output variables, I would have guessed that “X_t TWR. Top. Def. Trans. [m]” or “X_g Pos. TWR pos 1.000 [m]” would give me the position of the tower top in X direction. However, no values are shown in the graphs and in the exproted .txt file there is only the header.

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this? Is there a list for the output variables describing which variable gives which output?

I simulate a NREL 5MW offshore wind turbine in parked condition. The Data Output Types in the main structure file are all set to true.

Thanks for your help and best regards,



Hi Malte,

at this moment there is not a complete list, explaining the outputs – but most of it should be self explainatory.

Regarding the variables you mention:

  • “X_t TWR. Top. Def. Trans. [m]” – Def. stands for deflction, so this gives you the translational tower top deflection along the X-t axis. The main coordinate systems in QBlade are the same as in OpenFAST, but you can also check out the docs here.
  • “X_g Pos. TWR pos 1.000 [m]” – This gives you the absolute tower top position in global X direction

If you are not getting output variables the only reasons that I could think of are:

  • you have not selected a value for both the X- and Y- axis of the graph?
  • you have not activated the respective graph type? see image
  • you are storing your output data beginning from a timestep that is not yet reached in the sim. see image



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Hi David,

thanks for your quick reply.

In fact, I did not select a parameter for the y-axis, as I had assumed that time was selected by default.