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Translation Bladed -> QBlade

Hi all, I am new in QBlade and the wind simulation. I have a question, I have a Bladed (V4.11) project file from a university lecture and I would like to use this in QBlade. Is it possible to use this bladed project file and load/translate this to QBlade?

Hello Ollersven,

currently, there is no automated feature for converting data from Bladed, OpenFAST or HAWC2 project files to QBlade. This is due to the complexity and the extensive time required to develop and maintain such parsing or import functionality for each other code individually, especially considering the frequent updates to these tools.

However, there is promising development in this area. The windIO framework addresses this very issue of model interchangeability between different codes. WindIO provides a common definition for wind turbine models, that can be interpreted by all aeroelastic codes linked to it. This advancement will greatly simplify the process of exchanging aero-hydro-servo-elastic models among various codes.

In the next upcoming release, we are introducing features for the first time that enable users to load models from windIO files. Similarly, developers of other aeroelastic codes are actively working on integrating this functionality through their participation in IEA Wind Task 37.