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TurbSim Error


I have had issues when generating turbulent wind fields using TurbSim within Qblade. When I click “create” it presents me with this error console message. I have completed a clean reinstalling of QBlade but does not seem to resolve. I am running it through Parallel Desktop if that is known to cause any issues. I am new to using QBlade, so any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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this issue is somewhat nex to me. I would suspect that this is indeed caused by the file directory structure parallel desktop uses. For some reason “/MAC/HOME/DOWNLOADS/…” is not recognized as a path by TurbSim. I tested this by trying to start TurbSim from the comand window on windows with a similar path than yours.

Maybe you can start QBlade in a different environment where the path structure is closer to windows? You could also try running the linux version of QBlade on your mac, I would expect better compatibility there.



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