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Unit/decimal change question

Hello, i’ve been searching for a way to change the units/decimals on my small rotor (radius=10cm). I have seen that others have asked the same question, but the answers given haven’t worked for me. I use version for Windows, but cant find a way to change units/decimals under any of the “options” drop down menues. Could someone help me solve my problem? See attached photo.

Best regards.

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Hi Kristian,

the option to change the units has been discarded, so this is not possible anymore – averything is defined in SI units now.

Could you let me know where exactly you are having issues with the decimal points not being accurate enough? I would guess it might be the blade design module? If you let me know I can add a decimal point at the required location with the next update. A quick workaround for now would be to export the blade into the .bla format and then change the blade stations in the text files (there wont be a limit with the decimal points you can use, thats an issue of the blade table only) and reimport them.



I can second this request.  Currently, the blade dimensions are displayed to 3 decimal places in meters, which is to 1mm resolution.  If you export the blade table it gives 1 more decimal.  For small UAV scale blades, it would be preferable if entering dimensions, displaying dimensions, and exporting dimensions all were to 5 decimal places in meters.  Even more useful would be an option to work in the user interface in mm to 2 decimal places.