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Vawt , additional DOF for rotor blades

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Hi Brecht,

you can also obtain these values from QFEM by creating a blade with cylindrical sections that effectively represents your tower. Or you use other software to get these properties as QFEM is only a very simple tool…

In the structural data view in the GUI – if you look closely at the data in the dialog that gets shown when you look at the structural model from within the QBlade GUI you see that it lists all structural files (main, blade, tower, torquetube, etc…) that make up the model, just for convenience. At the top of each section in this dialog you find the filename from which this data was imported. When importing a new model the data is imported from the main file, blade file and the tower and torquetube file.

Regarding the keywords, try using the search function (by searching for the keyword you are looking for) in the documentation, all keywords are eyplained there. Try this link:




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