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VAWT specific qblade documentation

Total nuub here, also a long retired engineer, please be kind:)

I have been going thru the Qblade documentation, looking for VAWT specific info, alas there seems to be hardly anything on it.

Is there any other information regarding modelling vawt’s in Qblade besides the “standard” manual?


for the most part, while the documentation alsways uses the example of a HAWT turbine, the docs are also valid for VAWT. Besides the specifics of setting up an aerodynamic VAWT blade geometry and the VAWT structural model everything is done in the same way for a VAWT as compared to a HAWT. To get an example for a VAWT structural model and blade design you can checkout the SANDIA 34m example from the downloads page!

Or is there something specific that you are asking about?



Thanks for the reply David:) The two “big” (at the moment)  items are user info / discussion of the DMS module and help in setting up graphs with more combinations of plotted parameters, say adding Cm  and Cl/Cd and other plots in the plots of a particular airfoil when selecting 4,6,8 graphs. Structurals will be the next item.I am working on my first model, as soon as I have some success I will post the qpr file in  the appropriate sub- forum and ask for help in finding my mistakes.

Thanks again,


Hi, sounds good! Best of luck!