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Virtual Camber Transformation

Hi Dr. Marten,

Congratulations on the new release of QBlade!

I’m currently working on self-starting Darrieus turbines modelling entirely in QBlade, we are close to wrapping up the work and publishing. With the release of QBlade 2.0, I’m attempting to rerun the simulations with the virtual camber effect to get better results.

However, when I attempt to transform the airfoil, it does not matter what c/r ratio or TSR input, the virtual camber transformation is always the same for a NACA0018 airfoil.

The uploaded image is an example of three attempts to apply virtual camber, all with varying parameters of TSR (1, 1, 4) and c/r(0.2, 0.5, 0.1) respectively,  but they are all overlapping each other.

However, different airfoils have different virtual camber transformations. I’m guessing this is a bug? Since the VC transformation should change with the input parameters

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thanks for reporting this – you shall be awared with the “first bug reported” badge 🙂

Indeed the behavior is as you observed – the reason being that the default values (TSR 4 and c/r 0.1) were read from the dialog and not the updated user inputs. I fixed this and reuploaded the bugfix.



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