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Wind Data Export


Upon creation of a windfield that is designed to comply with wind data that I acquired from a wind farm, I wanted to check the statistical difference in values at certain altitudes (R^2 value and trend lines). Therefore, validating the process of windfield creation and data compliance. However, I found it hard to export this kind of data from the turbulent windfield creator feature, other than graphs of wind speed at hub height. I am looking to verify the speeds at altitudes from 40m up to 290m with 20m increments (measured with LiDAR system).
Is it possible to export the wind speed values that are linked to the altitudes? I found exporting the windfield data to text somewhat inconclusive.

I greatly appreciate the help and I am happy to provide you with more details regarding my query.

Hi Symon,

to get the windspeeds from other locations than the hubheight you can add “wind probes”, see the attached image.

Once you have added a probe you can get access to its data from the graph.



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