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Wind field data imput

Hi David,

I’m now trying to investigate real-world wind and wave conditions’ influence on the OC5 model. To achieve this, I’m currently looking for an existing wind farm’s wind field data.

The attachment is an Excel sheet I found at

However, these data cannot be input to Qblade directly, I need to manually generate a wind field against the data in the table and it’s hard to make sure the settings are correct.

Is there any existing wind field data file provided in Qblade that I can input directly to check my model performance? Or in which way should I generate a wind field closer to the displayed data?



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Hello Easey,

during the certification process (according to IEC 61400-3-2) of a wind turbine the main goal is to demonstrate that the turbine structure can “survive” for the targeted service life of the turbine, typically between 20 to 25 years. For such an analysis, a large number of simulations (in the order of a few thousands, with 10min to 1h length each) are required to capture the site specific conditions inside the computational model with a high statistical probability.

It is not possible to include the charactersistic site specific conditions in a single wind and/or wave field file combination. In QBlade, its possible to esily define windfields and wavefields that are IEC-certification compliant. However, how to combine this data, again, is site specific.

To get an idea on how this can be done, you can have a look at the work of Francesco Papi, who developed an An Open-Source Procedure to Derive Met-Ocean Conditions for the Simulation of Floating Wind Turbines as part of the FLOATECH project.