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Wind spectrum of uniform wind

Hi all,

  1. What is the wind spectrum for uniform wind? The input is uniform wind but the output of uniform wind looks like this:
  2. How do I determine the reference height for the wind? Is it the hub height?

Best regards,

Du Jinhan

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Hello Du Jihan,

the uniform wind is constant in and time. In the grah you have attached (Abs Meas. Wind Vel. at Hub [m/s]) you are plotting the “measured” hub height wind speed. This sensor mimics what a wind speed measurement on the hub would record. It is the relative wind speed at the hub, so the motion of the hub itself is included in the measurement.

If you look at the sensor: “Abs Wind Vel. at Hub [m/s]”, this does not include the relative hub motion. However, this data is obtained at the current position of the hub, so if the hub changes its vertical position in a boundary layer you will also see some variability in this plot.

The reference height of the boundary layer depends on what conditions you try to reproduce. Typically, in a DLC scenario, you would set this to the hub height of the turbine for each windspeed bin.



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