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.wpa project import

Hello QBlade Forum!

I am a member of the BYU Collegiate Wind Competition team (We build a model wind turbine and compete link). We inherited tons of files/folders from last year’s team, but were only able to find a .wpa file and blade stl files. We figured out how to generate all the needed info from scratch, but it would be very helpful to somehow get the info we need from the .wpa file of last year. Any advice on how to extract anything from that? It seems QBlade 2.0 doesn’t support it. Can we download an older version of QBlade?


Any other advice would be very helpful!

Hi Jacob,

to open a .wpa file created with a previous QBlade release you can use QBlade v0.96, which is still avaliable here on sourceforge.

After accessing the wpa contents it should be straightfoward to export blade geometry, polars, etc…



Thank you David! I will check SourceForge!